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Side effects caused by the effect on carbohydrate metabolism: hypoglycemic state (pale skin, increased sweating, palpitations, tremors, chills, hunger, excitement, paresthesia oral mucosa, weakness, headache, dizziness, blurred vision). Severe hypoglycemia may lead to the development of hypoglycemic coma. Allergic reactions: skin rash, angioedema, anaphylactic shock. Local reactions: redness – swelling and itching at the injection site, long-term use lipodystrophy at the injection site. Other: edema, equipoise vs deca transient decrease in visual acuity (usually at the beginning of therapy). If the patient is noted at hypoglycaemia or if it was celebrated episode of loss of consciousness, he must immediately inform your doctor. If you identify any other side effects that are not described above, the patient should also seek medical advice.

In case of overdose may develop hypoglycemia (symptoms – see the possible side effects.). Treatment: mild hypoglycemia, the patient can remove himself, taking into sugar or carbohydrate-rich foods.Therefore, patients with diabetes should always carry sugar, sweets, biscuits or sugary fruit juice. In severe cases, the patient’s loss of consciousness, intravenous 40% dextrose (glucose); intramuscularly, subcutaneously, intravenously – glucagon. After regaining consciousness of the patient is recommended to take food rich in carbohydrates, to prevent recurrence of hypoglycemia.

The interaction with other drugs
There are a number of drugs that affect the demand for insulin. Hypoglycemic effect of insulin increase the oral hypoglycemic drugs, monoamine oxidase inhibitors, angiotensin-converting enzyme, carbonic anhydrase inhibitors, non-selective beta-blockers, bromocriptine, octreotide, sulphonamides, anabolic steroids, tetracyclines, clofibrate, ketoconazole, mebendazole, pyridoxine, theophylline, cyclophosphamide, fenfluramine, lithium preparations , drugs containing ethanol.
Hypoglycemic action of insulin impaired equipoise vs deca glucagon, growth hormone, estrogens, oral contraceptives, steroids, thyroid hormones contain iodine, thiazide diuretics, loop diuretics, heparin, tricyclic antidepressants, sympathomimetics, danazol, clonidine, epinephrine, blockers of H 1 histamine receptors, blockers “slow” calcium channels, diazoxide, morphine, phenytoin, nicotine. Under the influence of reserpine and salicylates may as a weakening or strengthening of the drug.

Do not use the drug if after shaking the suspension does not become white and uniformly cloudy.
Against the background of insulin therapy requires constant monitoring of blood glucose levels.
The causes of hypoglycemia than insulin overdose can be: the replacement of the drug, skipping meals, vomiting, diarrhea, increased physical the activity of the disease, reducing the need for insulin (human liver and kidneys, the adrenal cortex hypofunction, pituitary or thyroid gland), change the injection site, as well as interaction with other drugs. The dose of insulin should be corrected with thyroid disorders, Addison’s disease, hypopituitarism, violations of liver and kidney function and diabetes mellitus in persons over 65 years.
The correction dose of insulin may also be required if the patient increases the intensity of physical activity or change the habitual diet.
Comorbidities especially infections and conditions accompanied by fever, increase the need for insulin.
Transfer the patient to a new type of insulin or other insulin drug manufacturer must be carried out under the supervision of a physician.

Effects on ability to drive vehicles
in connection with the primary purpose equipoise vs deca of insulin, changing its appearance or the presence of significant physical or mental stress may impair the ability to drive vehicles or different mechanisms, as well as studies in other potentially hazardous activities that require attention and speed of mental and motor responses.

Product form
The suspension for subcutaneous administration of 100 IU / ml.
On the drug in 3 ml glass cartridges with rubber plungers rubber caps sealed with aluminum combined with the rubber disc. Each cartridge includes a ball of glass with polished surface.
5 cartridges with instructions for use, are placed in blisters made of PVC film and aluminum foil lacquered or printed packaging material, with or equipoise vs deca without foil and packaging material is placed in a pile of cardboard.

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