Equipoise ® (boldenone undecylenate )

Equipoise ® is the trade name of a widely used steroid for injection, boldenone undecylenate, animal origin. More precisely, it is a derivative of testosterone, which has pronounced anabolic and moderate androgenic characteristics. The ester undecylenate significantly enhances the effect of this drug (the chemical structure of the undecylenate ester is longer than the decanoate structure by only one carbon atom), so it is necessary to repeat the injections every 3 to 4 weeks during the procedure. In veterinary medicine, Equipoise ® is most often used for horses, as it has a significant effect on weight loss, appetite and the general condition of the animal. It is also known that this drug significantly contributes to the production of red blood cells in the body, although this is typical for almost all anabolic / androgenic steroids. Many athletes are attracted by the positive properties of Equipoise ®, so it is becoming more popular lately. It is considered a stronger and slightly more androgenic drug than Deca – Durabolin ®. Equipoise® is usually cheaper and can easily replace
Deca in most steroid cycles, without causing large changes in the expected results.

Equipoise ® has a very pronounced side effect. The chemical structure of boldenone promotes its transformation into estrogen, but in general it does not possess a great ability to do so. In order to assess the scale of these transformations, we turned to studies of aromatization processes, which indicate that the rate of conversion of boldenone to estrogen is half the rate of the same process that occurs with testosterone. The fluid retention in the body will go more active than during the reception of Deca – Durabolin ®, but this will be a much smaller amount than that that occurs due to taking testosterone. If you take this drug in moderation, the risk of side effects is reduced, although there is a place to be. Theoretically, the development of gynecomastia is possible, but most likely in particularly sensitive people or those who experiment with high doses. In case of side effects, it is necessary to start taking additional drugs, like Nolvadex® and / or Proviron®, which will make the whole cycle easier for the body. Such agents as Cytadren ® or Arimidex ® have a stronger effect, like anti-aromatics, but there is no need to take them together with such a “soft” preparation as Equipoise ®.

The use of Equipoise ® can also cause androgenic side effects. There are cases of increased skin fattening, acne, aggression and alopecia during the administration of this drug, although usually these manifestations are associated with high doses of the drug. Women believe that this drug is well suited to them, since low doses do not cause symptoms of masculinization. In our body, boldenone is converted into a stronger androgenic compound (dihydrobaldenone) through interaction with 5-alpha editors, which also convert testosterone to DHT. However, the ability of boldenone to such transformations is insignificant. Therefore, there is no need to use Proscar ®, which enhances the effect of ED, since it blocks very weak steroid attempts to metabolism (decay). As we have already said, Equipoise ® has a very mild effect, but it has a suppressive effect on the production of natural testosterone in the body. In order to avoid hormonal breakdown at the end of each cycle, especially after prolonged use of Equipoise ®, we recommend taking in combination with HCG (HGG) and Clomid ® or Nolvadex ®.

Although Equipoise ® remains active in the human body for a long time, its injections are taken at least once a week. Men usually use 200-400 mg (4-8 ml, 50 mg package) per week, and women 50-75 mg. If Equipoise ® were released only in a 25 mg package, then taking it would not be so convenient. Gradually you can change the schedule of injections, and do the injections every other day to reduce the feeling of discomfort. It must be remembered that alternating shots should be done regularly, in order to avoid irritation on the skin or infection. Because of the large amount of oily solution that is injected under the skin during the injection, it is possible to develop an abscess that will then require surgical intervention. For this, athletes limit the amount of each injection of 3 ml and put the injections in the same place not more often than once a week with an interval of one week. The injections can be put not only in the buttock, but also the upper surface of the thigh. With the advent of new forms of the drug, 100 and 200 mg / ml, the reception of Equipoise ® becomes much easier and more comfortable than it was with volumes of 25 and 50 mg.

Equipoise ® does not give very fast results, but it provides a slow and even accumulation of strong muscles of good quality. Special results are noticeable after long cycles lasting more than 8-10 weeks. The muscles obtained are not similar to smooth tubercles, as during the androgen administration, they are firm and very clearly expressed. Since the subcutaneous fluid can not greatly increase muscle volume, the mass collected during the administration of Equipoise ® can be maintained in the desired form for a sufficiently long time and after the termination of the steroid cycle. Interestingly, the structure of Equipoise ® is almost identical to the structure of Dianabol, a classic muscle building drug. For the production of Equipoise ®, 17-beta (undecylenate) ester is used, and for production
Dianabol is a C 17 alpha alkaline compound. Although the molecules in their structure are identical, but they act differently in the body, which is manifested in the effect of the process of adding the 17-methyl group, than in the effectiveness of the fact that this steroid can be taken orally.

As we have already said, Equipoise ® has a versatile effect. It can be used in combination with many drugs depending on the desired result. To increase muscle mass, you can combine it with Anadrol 50® (oxymetholone) or with injections of a testosterone preparation such as Sustanon 250. As a result, you will get striking dimensions of strong muscles and avoid bright side effects, as it could be when taking a large number of androgens alone . In the period of weight loss (“drying”), you can improve hardness and muscle density by combining Equipoise ® with non-flavoring preparations such as trenbolone acetate, Proviron ® (metronol, 1-methyl DHT), Halotestin ® (Fluoxymesterone) or Winstrol ® (stanozolol). For some athletes, however, for a small increase in size due to estrogen conversions that are associated with the administration of Equipoise ®, it is sufficient to take only this drug during muscle building cycles.

For athletes who have to take tests for doping, Equipoise ® does not fit. The decay products of this drug can be found in the urine several months after the end of its use, which is also characteristic of Deca-Durabolin®. This is due to the high solubility in fats of the long chain of the chemical structure of the molecules of steroid compounds with esters, which allows Equipoise ® to remain permanently in fatty tissues in the body. A small rate of spread through the body and a slow ingress into the blood contributes to the fact that a small amount of Equipoise ® is present in the body for quite some time. The release of the “stocks” of the drug will intensify just before the start of the competition, as during this period the athletes are more actively trying to get rid of unwanted fat deposits. And if you have taken enough Equipoise ® in due time, then you will not be able to pass a test for boldenone, although it may have been several months since the last injection of the drug. bodybuilding supplement onyx testosterone arnold schwarzenegger the encyclopedia of modern bodybuilding