define equipoise

The next 10 years after discontinuation of combined oral contraceptives the risk level is gradually reduced. Because breast cancer is rare in women younger than 40 years, the increase in the number of diagnosed cases of breast cancer in women who are currently taking or have taken earlier COCs is low compared with breast lifelong cancer risk. In the absence define equipoise of withdrawal bleeding is necessary to exclude pregnancy. After stopping treatment fertility equipoise define is restored quickly, within 1-3 menstrual cycles.

The drug should be discontinued immediately in the following cases: – when a new or strengthening of migraine headaches (if it was not previously) or the appearance of unusually severe headache; – the appearance of early signs of phlebitis or phlebothrombosis (unusual pain or swelling of veins in the legs); – in case of jaundice or hepatitis without jaundice; – in acute deterioration of visual acuity – in cerebrovascular disorders; – when a stabbing pain unclear etiology when breathing or coughing, pain and tightness in the chest, with a sharp increase in blood pressure, – in cases of suspected thrombosis or heart attack; – in define equipoise the event of generalized itching, – with frequent seizures; – for 3 months. before the planned pregnancy – before a planned surgery (6 weeks before the operation); during prolonged immobilization (such as after injury) – in the presence of pregnancy.

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